In this blog post, I will explain what the Treasure Hunt patrol model is and how it is used by Occam Security to ensure that patrols are intentional and thorough, and identify safety and security issues that affect the community.

What Is A Treasure Hunt?

The Treasure Hunt patrol model is a concept that Occam Security adopted from the military and law enforcement sectors. It is based on the idea that security officers should not just patrol randomly or routinely, but rather look for specific issues or “treasures” that need to be addressed or reported. These issues could be anything from broken lights, graffiti, suspicious activity, trespassing, vandalism, etc.

Benefits Of The Treasure Hunt Patrol Model

The Treasure Hunt patrol model has several benefits for both the security officers and the clients. For the security officers, it helps them stay engaged, focused, and motivated during their shifts. It also helps them develop their observation and problem-solving skills, as well as their professionalism and accountability. For the clients, it helps them receive more comprehensive and detailed reports of the security situation on their property. It also helps them improve their security posture and reduce their liability and risk.

Technology + People = Success

Occam Security uses a combination of technology and people to implement the Treasure Hunt patrol model effectively. They use a software app that allows them to assign specific tasks or “treasures” to each security officer based on the client’s needs and preferences. The app also allows them to track the location, time, and completion of each task by the security officer. The app also generates daily reports that summarize the findings and actions of each patrol.

Occam Security’s Own Your Zone Culture Enhances Treasure Hunt Patrols.

Occam Security also uses a culture of “Own Your Zone” to empower its security officers to take ownership and responsibility for their assigned areas. They encourage them to communicate with the residents and owners of the property, as well as with other stakeholders such as law enforcement, fire department, etc. They also reward them for finding and resolving issues or “treasures” that enhance the safety and security of the community.

The Treasure Hunt patrol model is one of the ways that Occam Security provides innovative and community-based security patrol services throughout Charlotte, NC. They focus on the simplest yet most effective security solutions for their clients. They utilize technology and the appropriate people resources to address security concerns through seamless communication and timely responses.

Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes

Joe Hughes is a US Army Intelligence veteran with over 30 years of experience in Security Management. He has worked in multiple security fields including Private Investigations, Uniformed Security, Executive Protection, Retail Loss Prevention, etc.
He is a certified interviewer/interrogator and has successfully closed thousands of cases in his career, recovering millions of dollars of lost merchandise and cash.