How Uniformed Security Can Be Seen as an Amenity in Apartment Communities

When it comes to apartment living, there are certain amenities that come to mind, such as a pool or fitness center. However, one amenity that is often overlooked is uniformed security. While some may see security as a necessary expense, it can actually be a valuable...

Occam Security Vehicle Patrols

We often hear from frustrated community managers that their security vehicle patrols are not very effective. When we probe a little and ask why, the answer becomes obvious. Most security companies don't require officers to exit their vehicles during patrols. That's...

Occam Security’s Treasure Hunt Patrol Model

In this blog post, I will explain what the Treasure Hunt patrol model is and how it is used by Occam Security to ensure that patrols are intentional and thorough, and identify safety and security issues that affect the community. What Is A Treasure Hunt? The Treasure...

How Occam Security Utilizes De-Escalation Techniques And Customer Service Skills To Ensure High-Quality Service

At Occam Security, we take pride in providing professional and reliable security services to our clients. Our officers are not only trained to protect people and property but also to interact with residents in our communities with respect and courtesy. In this post,...

Charlotte NC Crime Statistics 2023 Q1

As we analyze the Charlotte NC Crime Statistics, it becomes evident that proactive measures are crucial to reducing and preventing crime.

Occam Security: Improving NOI and Creating Safer Communities

Occam Security’s uniformed security officers offer multifamily property managers and owners an effective way to improve NOI, create safer communities, and increase resident retention rates.

How Occam Security Can Help You Have A Safer Pool Season

Occam Security can help your community have a safer, more enjoyable pool season. Contact us today to find out how.

The Role Of Uniformed Security In Creating Safer Communities

Crime rates are rising, and it's essential that communities take action to ensure the safety of their residents. One effective approach is the use of uniformed security officers. Not only do they provide a visible deterrent to potential criminals, but they also offer...

Benefits Of Uniformed Security In Multi-Family Housing

Security officers are an invaluable asset to multi-family housing communities. They can help to ensure the safety of tenants and provide an extra layer of security. In addition, having a security officer on staff can help to improve tenant satisfaction and make the living experience more enjoyable.

Occam Security Services: Setting The Standard For Quality Service

Occam’s outstanding response to security and safety-related issues has earned us a reputation as a trusted security services provider in residential communities.

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