We often hear from frustrated community managers that their security vehicle patrols are not very effective. When we probe a little and ask why, the answer becomes obvious. Most security companies don’t require officers to exit their vehicles during patrols. That’s where we are different. Our patrols are a “Treasure Hunt” conducted by officers who are trained to get out of the vehicle and physically check areas to ensure the safety and security of the community.

Vehicle Patrols: How Occam Security Services Ensures Community Safety and Security

At Occam Security Services, we take pride in providing high-quality security solutions for our clients. One of the services we offer is vehicle patrols, which are designed to deter crime, prevent vandalism, and respond to emergencies in the communities we serve.

The Purpose Of Security Vehicle Patrols

Vehicle patrols are not just about driving around the neighborhood. They involve getting out of the vehicle and checking various areas within the community, such as entrances, exits, parking lots, common areas, amenities, and perimeter fences. By doing so, we can identify and address any potential security issues, such as suspicious activity, unauthorized access, property damage, or safety hazards.

The Occam Difference

Our vehicle patrol officers are trained and equipped to handle any situation that may arise during their patrols. They wear uniforms and badges that identify them as Occam Security Services personnel and carry radios and flashlights for communication and visibility. They also have access to emergency services through our dispatch call center so police, fire, or EMS can be reached instantly while the officer focuses on the incident.

Our officers also follow a schedule and a route that is customized to each client’s needs and preferences. They also use a patrol tracking system that records their location, time, and activities during each patrol. That way, we can monitor their performance and provide our clients with detailed reports on their patrol activities.

Vehicle patrols are an effective way to enhance the safety and security of any community. They provide a visible presence that discourages criminals and reassures residents. They also allow us to detect and resolve any problems before they escalate into bigger issues. If you are interested in hiring Occam Security Services for your vehicle patrol needs, please contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes

Joe Hughes is a US Army Intelligence veteran with over 30 years of experience in Security Management. He has worked in multiple security fields including Private Investigations, Uniformed Security, Executive Protection, Retail Loss Prevention, etc.
He is a certified interviewer/interrogator and has successfully closed thousands of cases in his career, recovering millions of dollars of lost merchandise and cash.