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We are passionate about delivering a first-class customer service experience while tech-enabling the security industry.


Why Choose us?

Occam Security provides innovative and community-based security patrol services throughout Charlotte, NC.  Similar to Occam’s Razor Principle, we focus on the simplest yet most effective security solutions.   Our integrated guarding model provides multi-family housing communities the ability to immediately address security concerns using our 21st century technology and people.  We utilize technology and the appropriate people resources to address security concerns through seamless communication and timely responses.

Occam’s Razor is an 800-year old philosophic principle stating, any given set of explanations for an event occurring, the simplest one is most likely the correct one.


Occam Security is leading the charge for innovation in the security services sector. Our company is focused on, people and technology, disrupting a centuries-old security services industry. We combine video surveillance technologies, on-demand software apps, mobile patrol services, on-site services, and state of the art reporting technologies to deliver a customer driven ROI.  Our service experience runs deep in Multi-Family Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Student Housing, Homeowners Associations, and Community Improvement Districts.  Occam Security is a Venture Capital backed entity with a team of seasoned operators combining years of military, law enforcement, and industry specific business experience.

Our Security Services

Vehicle Patrol

Occam Security vehicle patrol services set the industry’s standard in mobile security services.  Our patrolling method offers extended coverage times and highly trained security personnel for a fraction of the cost of the traditional security officer.  Occam Security patrol services allows our clients to pay only for services needed versus having an on-site guard, which typically prove to be less effective and more expensive.

Our patrol vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, including GPS tracking, dash cameras, and mobile devices.  The patrol vehicles are fully wrapped with company logos and warning lights.  All Occam Security personnel and equipment are fully insured, state licensed, and vetted to ensure a risk-free environment for our clients.

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Occam Security integrates with a leading video monitoring service provider, WideEye Surveillance,  to deliver an advance approach to crime prevention, ensuring a swift security response to suspicious activity.  An “after-the-fact” review of crime rarely results in criminal convictions.  With real-time monitoring, Occam Security officers can be dispatched to respond and stop crimes from occurring . Our 24-hour, 7-day a week, 365 days a year approach guarantees security for your investment while minimizing the financial burden of safeguarding your valuable assets. Our system integrates with most preexisting camera/CCTV solutions, significantly reducing the barrier to entry.

Occam Security video monitoring services combined with our flagship vehicle patrol service is the most effective security solution in the industry.

Dedicated Officer

Occam Security provides experienced unarmed security officers that are specially trained and dedicated to protecting your assets.  Our officers go through a rigorous recruitment and selection process followed by 30+ hours of site-specific field training.  Occam Security officers are equipped with professional uniforms, new equipment, and the latest in technology to increase officer safety and enhance customer service while reducing liability for our clients.

Security Concierge Services

Occam Security provides tailored customer centric security concierge services.  Our security concierges provide a warm yet firm welcome to residents, visitors, and vendors.  Our concierges undergo extensive customer service and security training to capture security concerns with a smile.  Occam concierges are outfitted in professional attire to represent multifamily housing communities with an elegant look.

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